Q3FY19 roundup and other interesting takeaways from the stock market this week – A Story in Infographics!


Now that Q3FY19 earnings have ended, I thought I should summarize and provide a bird’s eye view for 5 Sectors. And as always, some key takeaways from the Stock market this week – all in infographics!

Which Airline’s “Udaan” was the highest in Q3FY19?

Hello? Hello? Which telecom company “connected” and “disconnected” with its profits?

Behne de , mujhe Behne de – Performance of Downstream Oil Companies this quarter!

Cheeni Kam hain? (Don’t think so!) Sugar Sector performance this quarter ended December 2018

A performance of the sector without which your sustenance won’t be met!

Word Mining used in Concalls during Q3FY19 (Compiled by Sharad Dubey, Bloomberg Quint) 

Notice the highest frequency of words are Growth, expected and Margins. It just goes on to show that investors are short term looking!

Zee companies collapsed mainly because its pledged shares were sold in the open market + a small drop in its share price led to a cascading effect due to high pledging. Here are more companies having 50%+ of promoter holding pledged as shares! (Ace Equity)

Aditya Birla Group is a Behemoth!  (Investor PPT)

Jan 2019 Sales from the top! (Exchange Filings)

Some Financial Thumb Rules which are very handy! (Alpha Ideas)

India is scoring some serious Digital Goals!

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-Aditya Kondawar

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