Aditya kondawar

Aditya Kondawar has been following and investing in the markets since 4 years. With his first salary of Rs 15000 in 2015, he invested in the Indigo IPO and made a listing gain, after that there was no turning back for the author from the markets. He is a blogger at, one of the few IPO review websites in India. He is also one of the top viewed writers on Quora on the IPO Topic. Additionally he is a contributor to the Delhi Investors Association Magazine.

Curiosity is the one word that sums up his life.

He was always enthralled by the world of Financial Markets and the Business World. This curiosity and the subsequent learning led him to create this blog. 

What led him to the Stock Markets?

After working for 1.5 years at Eclerx and Thomson Reuters, he learned that one should not work for money, one should make money work for them. He started investing at the Age of 21, which now he feels was late for a start.

He likes writing, attending Expos, finding out undervalued stocks, meeting like-minded people or just working out at the Gym ๐Ÿ™‚

Saniya Yenurkar

Saniya Yenurkar has worked for Indiaโ€™s biggest textile company Arvind Limited for more than 2 years as a Product Manager, an experience which exposed her to the complete lifecycle of various garments produced at Arvind from start to finish!

She writes for as a Textile Sector Expert

Rohit Gyanchandani

Rohit Jethanand Gyanchandani is a CA, CWM and B.Com. He is a Value & Growth Investor in Indian Stock Market since 2014. Currently working at a business management consulting firm in Pune in Valuation & Project Finance Division.

He loves reading business and finance related books and Annual reports of companies. His goal is to help people achieve financial independence through investing at early stage and retiring rich. He is also a visiting faculty at Institute of Chartered Accountant of India for various finance related topics.

He writes for the investing side of this blog.

Veanisha D'silva

Veanisha is a fitness enthusiast from Goa, India currently based in London.
For her being fit and leading a healthy lifestyle are an important part of personal well being. She strives to maintain an organic and balanced diet and supplement that with regular exercise and activities. 

"There's nothing extraordinary that I do, living healthy can be simple if one makes some changes in their lives. That is something I want show by sharing my journey on this blog. In doing so, I hope it encourages people to adopt the same way of thinking and living." Veanisha adds.

Veanisha writes for the fitness part of this blog. 

Shubham Jain

Shubham works as a Research Analyst in CRISIL. He has experience of 4 years in tracking and analyzing financial markets. He specializes in identifying behavioral patterns and qualitative aspects of businesses. Shubham is a Chartered Accountant, NCMP and distinction holder in Financial Management. He also represented Rajasthan in a state level cricket tournament and is a trekking enthusiast.

He writes for the investing side of this blog. 

Tanya Verma

Tanya has been working as a Research Associate with PitchBook which is an independent subsidiary of Morningstar for more than a year now. She is also a CA Final student. During her articleship days, she has worked with a lot of financial statements. Apart from that, she is also a fiction writer and open mic poetry performer. She is also the editor of her company's internal bi-monthly newsletter. In her free time, she likes to go on a spree to explore every nook and corner of Mumbai.  

She writes for the investing side of the blog. Her emphasis is on financial statements.