Kevin Jon’s Fitness Story, Nutrition , Training and his highly Motivational Quotes.


If you are lifting weights you know how hard it is to get motivated. The usual practice is looking at quotes or pictures of highly revered bodybuilders such as Arnold , Jay , Roonie etc. But today we will change that and  look at Kevin Jon’s Quotes:

So Why did Kevin start working out?

Kevin was one of the skinny guys. He was always extremely thin, 6’3, weighing 64 kg. So naturally he wanted to look better and wanted to increase his performance in sports. Also he got motivated when one of his friends joined the gym to get big or get “swole”. That’s when Kevin thought to be competitive too and his journey of lifting began.

So how does Kevin Train?

Here is Kevin’s Training Plan:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

What does Kevin Eat?

  • Low Carbs
  • No sweet and Oily foods at any cost.
  • Keeping it simple, rice, chicken, frozen vegetables
  • No calorie counting, he tries to eat as much as possible as clean as possible
  • Weigh myself every day and aim for a very slight weight increase of 1 kg per month
  • In times before beach holidays or photo shoots he goes for a very extreme NO CARB diet for 1.5 months, which gets him lean pretty fast however compromises some muscle growth

Kevin’s Transformation Photos:

Some of Kevin Jon’s Quotes:

About the Author:

I stumbled upon this unique transformation story on Quora. What intrigued me the most was the way Kevin has made his Quotes. Both his physique and Quotes are truly inspirational. Kevin is also very famous on Quora for his answers which is evident by his answer views of 1.8 million !

You can follow Kevin or ask him Questions on Quora:

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He also posts frequently on Instagram. Follow him here:

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Some more Links from Kevin:

Youtube ChannelTheKevinJon

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All my fitness productsKevin Jon

I thank Kevin for sharing his physique transformation and motivation quotes with the readers of this blog. I know the quotes will inspire a lot of people to take up lifting or re-ignite the fire of those who are going through a rough patch.

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