Kalyan Naidu’s remarkable transformation tells us that when there is a will , there is a way.


We all know how difficult it is to achieve a good physique. You need an effective workout regime with the best diet. People staying in Hostels who want to achieve a good physique face great difficulties as they are not able to manage their diet and food intake time. But Kalyan Naidu’s Remarkable Transformation in a hostel shows us that consistent hard work can help you achieve anything.

I was like this-

And I became like this

It took couple of years to get that physique but now I look like this –

Workout routine:

Initially started with pull ups and push ups then I got a pair of dumbbells. With dumbbells I used to do shoulders, bicep and tricep workouts.For back workout I do pull ups with variations in width between hands , For chest I used to do push ups and For legs I used to do body weight squats.

So basically it will be like 150 pull ups, 150 dips, 150 squats and some 10-15 sets of bicep and tricep curls every day. Initially it took a lot of time like 90 minutes but with regular practice it came down to around 30-35 minutes.


I stay in a hostel so nutrition is always a issue. I mostly have to eat whatever is available. My food chart mainly consists of rice and veg curries. Coming to diet,i don’t follow any diet plan as I stay in a PG.I try to eat as much protein as possible.I don’t count my macros and carbs. If I eat heavy then the next day workout reps increases.

Breakfast included idly,dosa,bonda,poori something like that – lots of carbs and not at all healthy.

Lunch and dinner is rice with some curry. I ate almost everything without restrictions that is why I have some belly fat. If we don’t workout our body stores excess calories as fat so I worked out regularly. This is way back in 2016.I weighed around 75 kgs at 5’7″.

From December 2016 I started going to a gym and lifting weights. These days I check what I eat and make sure to eat less sugars ,salt,soft drinks and preservative foods. All I want to say is you can maintain a decent shape anywhere by eating anything if you are willing to work hard. Remember where there is  a will there is a way…but if u want to be perfectly fit and in perfect shape then you got to take very good care of your  workouts,your nutrition, your hydration levels,sleep patterns.

I am 5′8 and weight around 71kgs with 39 28 34 stats. I used to bench 70 kgs ,deadlift 130 kgs and squat 80 kgs. That was last year when I used to go to gym and I never used any supplements because, well , I can’t afford them.

As of now I consider myself pretty fit and healthy.

About the Author

I stumbled upon this unique transformation story on Quora.

Not everyone can achieve a physique like his while staying in a Hostel. Myself being a hostelilte for 8 years , I can confirm the hard work and patience Kalyan has put in.

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I thank Kalyan for sharing his highly unique and motivating fitness transformation with the readers of this blog and with me. I know this will inspire and motivate others to follow the healthy path he has followed.

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