(Guest Feature) From Flab to Fab: Ritika Trivedi Loses 15 Kg in 6 months!


So this was how Ritika used to look in  August 2015.

Tired of her overweight image , Ritika started working out and needless to say her efforts were not wasted. In a time of 6 months she lost 15 kgs and this is how she looks now:

A remarkable transformation indeed!
 Here is a look at Ritika’s Training Regime :
 I used to workout in the gym for 1.5 hours 6 days a week combining weight training and cardio.
Here is  a look at Ritika’s Diet:
– Breakfast : Milk with oats.
– Lunch: Chapati with Dal
– Snacks: Sprouts and fruits
– Dinner: Milk or fruits
And in between i did detox twice which reduced around 2.5kgs in 10 days.

 About the Author:

The Article has been written by Ritika Trivedi and has been published with her permission. If you wish to follow Ritika or ask her questions , you can follow the below link:
I would like to thank Miss Ritika Trivedi for sharing her incredible transformation with the readers of this blog and with me. I know this will inspire and motivate others to follow the healthy path she has followed.
Hope you liked the article,

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