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Some Basic Terms used in Stock Markets and Navigating through – Part 2


We saw in Part 1 of this article how to search for a particular stock and see its details. Also we saw the definitions of some basic terms related to financials of a stock.

In this part , we will look at different key metrics such as shareholding pattern , peers , financial statements , comments , news , charts etc. (highlighted)

Quote:  The screen which you get after searching for a stock is nothing but the quote screen.

Charts: This will show you technical charts and you can choose from a variety of technical analysis tools for intraday or short term positional trading.

News: This will tell you the news of the company , be it speculative or concrete in nature.

Comments: Usually the comments section is filled with spam messages but once in a while if you want to know why a stock has moved in a specific way , comments section is a good place to start.

Announcements: This section tells what the company has announced. For instance Company has announced appointment of new auditor / new accountant /new director or press releases.

Corporate Actions: A corporate action is any event that brings material change to a company and affects its stakeholders, including shareholders, both common and preferred, as well as bondholders. Corporate actions include Dividend , AGM/EGM , Bonus , Split and  Rights issue.

Financials: This is by far the most important section while analyzing a stock. This will show you the Big 3 Statements (Profit & loss , Balance sheet , Cash Flow statement and Financial Ratios : For this again i will create a separate article)

Peers: This Section simply shows the complete list of publicly traded companies which are in the same business as Infosys.

Shareholding: This section shows how much shares are held by promoters , retail investors , Institutions , Sovereign wealth funds , Foreign Institutional Investors etc. This is to show a picture to the retail investor of how the shareholding is and how it has been over the years.

You can even check out sections such as Alerts (wherein you can set alerts for the particular stock) , Widgets ( widgets for your site) and broker research reports for the stock.

I hope you liked the article. Next article will be on Corporate Actions and how it affects the stock prices.



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