Aditya kondawar
Aditya Kondawar has been following and investing in the markets since 4 years. With his first salary of Rs 15000 in 2015, he invested in the Indigo IPO and made a listing gain, after that there was no turning back for the author from the markets. He is a blogger at, one of the few IPO review websites in India. He is also one of the top viewed writers on Quora on the IPO Topic. Additionally, he is a contributor to the Delhi Investors Association Magazine. Curiosity is the one word that sums up his life. He was always enthralled by the world of Financial Markets and the Business World. This curiosity and the subsequent learning led him to create this blog. What led me to the Stock Markets? After working for 1.5 years at Eclerx and Thomson Reuters, he learned that one should not work for money, one should make money work for them. He started investing at the Age of 21, which he still feels was really late.