Are you a Jain Vegetarian who has been told you cannot get a ripped physique? Meet Shah’s story will make you debunk this myth!


It was back in 2010, I was roaming at the college with my colleagues discussing regarding our college project & one of my colleagues advised us to take the topic of bodybuilding.

The research began & the conclusion came that it was near impossible that a vegetarian can build a good muscular body and these lines hurt me a lot.

Being a Jain & vegetarian, It was extremely difficult for me to transform myself from a 48kg guy to a well-built guy. This is how I looked like then –

I joined the gym, started working hard but was extremely tough for me to put on muscles even with a proper vegetarian diet as it lacks in proteins.

I kept myself busy with whatever stuff was available to me: Reading Articles, Motivating workout videos, Arnold speeches, Kai Greene videos-these were always on top of my youtube watchlist.

After 3 years, my transformation picked up and I am getting recognition from my colleagues then I started boxing and it helped me transform dramatically.

Back in 2015, I entered into a competition of basic fitness challenge and it helped me with great experience.

2019 – Today I weigh 81 kgs and I can confidently state that I am a guy having a well-built body. I have also won a pullups challenge competition held at the biggest private Gym of our country – KG Fitness (ex-gym where I used to work out) and all the credit goes to my Dad & Bhargav Sir(KG Fitness)& Vijay Sir(Barbarian Fitness) who constantly motivated me and guided me through my journey. This is how I look now –

Today, people meet me and appreciate me for the efforts I took and the subsequent results.

It was an extremely tough journey to change the mentality of the people that Jain & Vegetarian cannot build a muscular and a ripped physique.
Currently, My diet consists of 120Grams of proteins. (active days)
Moderate Good carbs and healthy fats. (active days)

Diet plan:-

Pre-breakfast: – Lukewarm water and 250 ml Haldi (Turmeric) milk.

Breakfast:- Oatmilk, a handful of dry nuts, Apple with peanut butter. (Dates optional.)

Brunch:- Raw Greenies Salad. (Broccoli,lettuce,etc.)

Lunch:- Mom-made yummy Indian food. (I eat quinoa instead of rice.)

High Coffee: -Black Coffee.

Pre-work:- 100 grams paneer.(at least 40 mins prior to my workout)

After workout- Vegan Protein Shake.

Dinner:- Again mom-made delicacies with 200 to 300 grams dahi (Curd).

I hope my journey will motivate everyone else to strive hard for their respective goals.

If your mind can conceive it, You will achieve it because normal SUCKS.”-Joey Swoll.

If you have any queries I am open to sharing my knowledge with all at [email protected]

My sincere thanks to Aditya, for giving me the platform to present myself with my bodybuilding journey.

Happy Pumping guys.?

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  1. Hey Aditya,
    I am extremely thankful to you for covering my transformation story.
    More power to you brother.

    1. Thanks Meet for writing!

  2. Thanx my dear son.I would like to tell all the viewers that it was Meet my son who followed the diet strictly ,many a times we used to try new recipes ,he used to have them happily and crossed all the barriers of his tastebuds and you can see the result viewers that Meet has achieved the goal of such physique.To achieve a desired goal each one has to stick to to path and can surely pursue the result.

    1. Namaste aunty, can you please share what is the mom made yummy lunch and dinner. I am a jain myself. Thanks in advance. I want to lose some weight and build muscles.

    2. Jai Jinendra Aunty! I am pretty sure your words of wisdom will inspire a lot of people to get motivated and achieve their fitness journey!

      Special Thanks to you and all Indian Mothers, it is because of you we get to eat properly whatever we like 🙂

  3. Proud of u my baby brother…u r our role model….Hardworker, stunner, a man with pure heart…keep it up….

  4. Thanx a lot dear.

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