My Fitness Journey (2012 Till now)

Got back ? :D

 I weighed 97 kg in 2012 while in my 12th Grade. It was around that time i felt that i should lose some weight and get fit because I was not able to run properly while playing basketball. I started with running and reduced my weight to 91 kg , but since i was living in a hostel the weight came back quickly due to improper nutrition.

I spent the year of 2013 going to the gym but again with improper nutrition. In 2014 i finally started reading a lot about bodybuilding and nutrition. The main motivation for me was watching Pumping Iron which is a documentary on Arnold and the golden days of bodybuilding. This is how i looked earlier:

No muscles at all 😛

Finally in 2015 start my results started to show:

I even got featured on Healthkart’s blog as a motivation story.[1]

With the new source of motivation i received by getting featured on Healthkart i didn’t want to stop , and who could have thought , I got a golden opportunity to compete in the Manipal University Bodybuilding Competition. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Whenever I saw Pumping Iron , I always dreamt of competing in a bodybuilding competition one day in front of a large crowd.

So in 2015 , I competed and got 3rd Prize:

It was the best 15 mins of my life , 15 mins of fame. It was like a dream come true , the 3rd prize didn’t matter to me at all. I just enjoyed flexing in-front of a big crowd. Needless to say i was a bit hesitant because going to the gym is one thing but flexing in an underwear covered in oil in-front of a large student crowd requires something else , something even i thought i didn’t posses.

And after repeated times of giving up on gym and starting again , this is how i look today ( Bulking now)

Well, that’s my 2 cents on that.

Happy lifting,




[1] Aditya went on a fat loss frenzy

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